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MS-My story motherf *****

The Black Jack Strategy against Multiple Sclerosis

ISBN 978-3-200-07075-2

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When Georg Redlhammer was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) in 2002, his world collapsed. But his search for relief or even miraculous healing made him experience almost everything. He takes us in a humorous way on his long journey to many methods of promise of salvation against MS. From Indian guru, energetic, witches, to miracle sweets from Russia, he tried everything. Then the medical BLACK JACK: stem cell transplantation with chemotherapy (AHSCT) at a clinic in Moscow.

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The book is written in understandable language. The ease and optimism with which the author deals with the disease and life should be inspiring for readers. The book not only gives hope and inspiration, but is also intended to free the AHSCT from the dogma of experimental treatment in order to become a method of treatment financed by health insurance companies.


Darya Chenskaya

Illustrations by the Russian artist Daria Chenskaya complement the book as a unique, inspiring work. In addition to the book, she will also design a set of cards to reinforce the message.

Foto: Daria Bulavina @bulavina

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