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"The four kingdoms"

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In his book Georg Redlhammer makes strong reference to the card game "Black Jack". Inspiration enough to bring the cards shown in the book to life in a real "NEW LIFE" deck. The artfully designed motifs by the Russian artist Darya Chenskaya are inspiring and at the same time full of power.

And every card tells a story

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The ace of hearts is the true card of love. It is more powerful than any other card, because love is the primal force of the universe.


The King of Hearts is the most powerful of the picture cards in the “New Life” deck. He rules his kingdom with wisdom and spirituality. His strength lies in his calm. Like Steven Seagal, he represents the strength and unity of the body and mind.

The queen of hearts is filled with love for her people. At the side of the mighty king, she brings warmth to the kingdom.


The jack of hearts is the darling of women. Like the god AMOR, he does not carry his arrows to kill, but to pinpoint love. The people love the young prince.


The ace of spades shows the way from negative  thoughts to love of life. Don't worry be happy. It is the crest of the royal family and their slogan.


The  king of spades is the literary. His art is the written word. He governs his people with just legislation that also benefits the poor.


The queen of spades is the king's wife and muse. Her beauty makes her inviolable. For her people she remains mysterious and shrouded in legend. Her spiritual power is a helping hand in the reign of the king.


The jack of spades spreads lightness in the kingdom. He is cheerful, always in the mood for a joke and loves music. The people love the funny prince in the castle. He is the colorful spot of color in the ruling house. He expresses the love of life.


The ace of diamonds shows the people the way to never give up. The rabbit shows you new ways and with his intuition the world becomes a better place.


The king of diamonds loves life and enjoyment. He is celebrating life and  people love the harmony with which he rules. He is a righteous king who gives his people many freedoms.


The queen of diamonds enchants her people with her beauty and her knowledge. With the moon animal in her arms, the rabbit, she symbolizes female intuition and unusual instincts. It stimulates the people to go new ways.


The jack of diamonds is the daredevil, a pirate. He goes other ways than those expected from a prince. The boundless adventurer explores new lands for his king.


The ace of clubs symbolizes the power of mother earth, in which we are all rooted. The royal family loves to ride in the endless forests of the kingdom and get inspiration.


The king of clubs is the aesthetic . The fine arts are celebrated and promoted in his kingdom. He rules his people with a wise hand.


The  queen  of clubs is in perfect symbiosis with her king. Music is her passion that she shares with the king. She brings the fine arts closer to the people. She is a wise counselor to her king.


The jack of clubs is an explorer. He is breaking new ground and spreading the fine arts throughout the kingdom and beyond. It symbolizes the discovery of new life.


The joker "Harlequin" adds to the fun of the castle society. He appears as a clown, but wears the mask of wisdom. He holds up the mirror to the castle company and surprises with wise insights.


The "Witch" as Joker is the energetic whirlwind in the castle. She dances with carefree ease in the male world, and fascinates with her expressive femininity. But as unexpected as she appeares, she disappears again so quickly.


The joker "Minstrel" entertains the people with his singing. Like Emin Agalarov, he inspires the audience with his playful optimism and almost childlike ease. Life is a game and he lives it.

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